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Platform Software Suites

All Servers Include the Shared Storage Suite.  ProMAX offers 3 software upgrade suites to fit the needs of your team.

  Software Suite Options


Media Management (Included with all servers)

Complete Workflow Enterprise
Storage Sharing for Video Editing Yes Yes Yes
Performance Tuning for Video Applications Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Pr Panels Yes Yes Yes
Avid Bin Locking Yes Yes Yes
DropBox Integration Yes Yes Yes
Users & Permissions Yes Yes Yes
3rd Party Storage Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Mirroring Yes Yes Yes
SnapShots Yes Yes Yes
Automated System Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Tasks & Notifications Yes Yes Yes
ProMAX MAM Yes Yes Yes
ProMAX Proxy Yes Yes Yes
ProMAX Transcode Yes Yes Yes
ProMAX Cloud Connect - Yes Yes
ProMAX LTO - Yes Yes
ProMAX Rendering - Yes Yes
ProMAX Database Accelerator - - Yes
Active Directory Integration - - Yes
Group Permissions - - Yes
ProMAX Dedupe - - Yes
GPU Included P2000 P4000 P4000


Software features can be added in the Suites above or individually.  Contact ProMAX or your ProMAX dealer for custom configurations.  All software suites and features can be added before or after installation.

Suite Overviews

Media Management Suite

If you want to go beyond basic shared storage and get into managing your media across all of your storage this suite is for you.  This suite includes ProMAX MAM for Indexing, Custom Metadata, Search & Preview.  ProMAX Proxy to ensure all online & offline footage can be previewed at all times (even all of those USB sitting on your shelf!) and ProMAX Transcode which allows your to use pre-built or create custom encoders to offloaded transcoding to your Platform Server.  A P2000 GPU is also included to offload Proxy generation for maximum performance.

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Complete Workflow Suite

If you want to go beyond media management and get into Backup and Archive workflows.  The Complete Workflow Suite is for you.  This suite upgrades the media management suite by adding ProMAX Cloud Connect, which allows you to send and restore both backups and archives to your cloud storage provider.  The ProMAX LTO software allows you to manage backups and archives to LTO devices, supporting both Cache-a TAR formats as well as open LTFS formats.  ProMAX Rendering is also included, which allows users to offload After Effects & Cinema 4D renders to the Platform Server.  A P4000 GPU is also included to offload Proxy generation for maximum performance.

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Enterprise Suite

Recommended for larger enterprises that want to get the most out of their Platform server.  Building off of the Complete Workflow Suite, the Enterprise Suite includes the ProMAX Database Accelerator, which enables near instant searching regardless of database size, as well as creates an unlimited database size.  Active Directory and Group Permissions include setup and support of much more complex IT environments and are often needed in installations requiring hundreds of users.  This suite also gives pre-purchase access to upcoming features, contact ProMAX for more information.

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