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Video Teams Love ProMAX

Collaboration & Management Made Easy

Simple Shared Storage with the power of a complex system.

 Who Loves ProMAX?

Creative Agencies

These are the small production agencies of about 5-50 employees. Collaboration is key to finishing their projects, but they don't know how to run a server or have the resources to have someone to manage it for them. 

Growth is important to these agencies but they need the proper systems in place in order to make it realistic.
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Creative Agencies

Corporate Video Teams

Large corporations put together internal video teams because they realize it is more cost effective than hiring outside production agencies.

These teams put out some amazing work, and their boss loves it which leaves them wanting even more.  As the team's workload continues to grow and their team stays the same size, their storage and performance capabilities need to grow with them in order to remain productive.
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Corporate Video Teams

Government and Education

Government and Educational Organizations cover a wide range of video teams. These include marketing teams from universities and branches of the military to local public broadcasting groups.

While they may be smaller groups, they produce a large amount of content, and it tends to be projects they want to preserve. Without a media management system, these files are at risk of getting lost.
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Government and Education Video Teams


Broadcast organizations have a many moving parts including different departments with unique needs.  Unifying a company wide solution is not always realistic.

Many work groups within larger broadcast organizations need to find a solution that fits a lot of big shoes despite, often, limited budgets.

Broadcast Video Teams

IT Departments

IT Departments often end up needing to find, install and support storage solutions for their organizations Creative Team.  This can be a big process, as video editors have some of the most extreme performance requirements on the planet.  Not to mention servers from brands most IT professionals have never heard of.

Meeting network & security policies while balancing the needs of video editors is not always an easy task.

Creative Team IT Departments
“We were trying to create a central storage for us to be able to collaborate together but also a way to back everything up. While doing my research, ProMAX was the only solution that integrated LTO into the systems they create and that was a huge asset for us."

Patrick Duff, Fuller Studio

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