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ProMAX for Creative Agencies

Enable your team to create their best work, gain a competitive edge, and equip your agency to scale

Nothing zaps creativity more than managing video files

The last thing your team needs is to burn energy trying to streamline video file storage. Without a simple solution, your team's focus is pulled in the wrong direction:

Trying to recover lost files that shouldn't have been lost
Piecing together ad-hoc solutions
Scrambling at the last minute to meet client deadlines
Repeating the same work, time and time again

Creatives shouldn't have to spend time doing anything other than creating

Unleash your team's true creativity with clean, predictable workflows to manage video storage


Organized, shared storage isn't flashy. We get it. But you know what is?

A creative team that's empowered to do their best creating without getting bogged down.

Easily Edit From Home
Easily Edit From HomeAccess all the latest versions of each file, managed in one place. With remote and server solutions, your team's capabilities remain fast, reliable, and consistent, no matter their location.
Protect Your Projects
Protect Your ProjectsGain peace of mind knowing your files are backed up and protected. Eliminate single points of failure with data redundancies so you never lose another file.
Easily Expand
Easily ExpandNever run out of storage again with solutions that expand with your team. There's no user cap which means you can scale your capacity without massively increasing your cost.

Protect your creative team's creativity with seamless, shareable video file management

No more:
Last-minute scrambling
Missing client deadlines
Draining energy on mundane tasks 
Disappearing video files

Your creative team deserves the ease and accessibility of the cloud, with the performance and predictability of an on-prem solution

And it should work seamlessly no matter where they are.

Ready to See What A Solution Looks Like?

Choose Your Team Size

Individual Creator

You work with freelancers or have a dynamic team of editors that come in and out day-to-day. You want this rotating team connected when actively working, but It's hard to dedicate hardware to contract workers.



-ProMAX Sync





Start at $500 per user/per year and grow as you need


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Teams up to 3

You have a small but mighty team. You sometimes need help streamlining processes, and your organization needs more bandwidth. 




-ProMAX Studio: 8-Bay desktop server with 64TB to 160TBs of storage. Comes standard with the Media Management Suite and 10G RJ45 connectivity.
-2 x 7.68TB MediaHubs for remote work
-2 x ProMAX Sync Licenses for freelance workers


$12,000 to $20,000


Configure Your System

Teams of 4-10



-ProMAX Enterprise: 16 Bay Server with 100 TBs of usable storage, the Media Management Suite, and 2 x 10/25G network ports.
-2-4 x 7.68TB MediaHubs
-4+ ProMAX Sync Licenses




$35,000 to $60,000


Configure Your System

Teams of 10 or more

You have a large team and an IT department that helps you connect to the organization. You need a bridge that will help you get the support you need and for IT to get answers to complex security and protection questions.


-ProMAX Enterprise: 24-Bay server with 240TBs of usable storage, the Complete Workflow Suite, and 2 x 40/100G network connectivity. 
-5+ x 7.68TB Mediahubs
-10+ ProMAX Sync Licenses




$42,000 to $75,000


Configure Your System

You have an amazing creative project to deliver

Unleash your team to do just that.

ProMAX delivers one comprehensive solution to simplify your complex workflows

Leverage our all-in-one solution to simplify the experience of managing complex workflows.

  • Deploy simple remote workflows to quickly scale and onboard freelancers, no matter where they are.

  • Integrate any storage solution - from Thunderbolts to high-end storage solutions- into our system and level up using our tools at any time.

  • Try our products risk-free to ensure you have the right solution for your teams. Leverage deep industry expertise to identify and implement the right solution.

  • ProMAX solutions are built on and tested for Mac products.


When your team can easily access and manage, they can get back to shooting, editing, and producing incredible videos

For over 25 years, we've been equipping creative agencies for success

Phil CamusoPost Production Supervisor - TCM Creative
“Because of our use of MediaHub and our partnership with ProMAX, we were able to edit a 30-minute show, and the production team was able to see and review that show before they even left the set. What was originally about a four to five-month timeline was squeezed down into six to eight weeks, and it went fantastic. It was thanks in great part to ProMAX.”
Jake RussellDirector - Goodbrother
“Since having a server for the last four years, our company has been able to grow in a way that we're not hindered by technical difficulties and hiccups that happen with passing hard drives around.”

We power the best teams in the business for over 25 years

No more time wasted. Just creatives creating. Seamlessly organize and access video files with ProMAX