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Protect your investment, Protect your time.

Priority 1 to 1 Support

We keep trained experts available to connect and log in within minutes.  Keep your video team up and running with peace of mind.

Support When You Need it Most

ProCARE gives you access to our trained staff of video server experts, Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm ET.

With ProCARE you can Call, Chat or Email.  If we need to, we'll jump on a remote TeamViewer session right then.  We'll login to ensure you are connected with the performance you need to focus on creating content.

ProCARE customers get a guaranteed response time within 4 hours*, however, the average first response time for a ProCARE customer is under 5 minutes*.

*Guaranteed response time is within 4 standard operating business hours, which are M-F, 8am to 8pm ET.  For increased response SLA and 24/7 options, check out ProCARE Plus

New OS Compatibility + New Features

Technology never stands still, get access to our newest software updates to ensure you have the latest OS support, new features & bug fixes.

Get the Latest Software Upgrades

ProCARE gives you access to download & update to our newest software.  This will ensure that you have:

  • Latest OS Support
  • New Software Features
  • Bug Fixes

ProMAX Platform software updates are only avialable to customers on current ProCARE contracts.


Protect Your Hardware

Ensure that your most important server is covered for parts and labor.  Understand warranty options and don't be at risk for unexpected costs.

Hardware Warranty

Enterprise Class Servers

The Limited Hardware Warranty is included as part of your ProCARE renewal for up to 7 years on all enterprise class servers.  This includes Online 2000, Online 2500, Nearline 7000, and 16 Bay / 24 Bay Servers purchased 2015 and later.

A reinstatement fee of $995 is charged on top of the standard yearly renewal rate for servers that have fallen outside of their ProCARE Warranty.

Charges may apply for items that have failed outside of a covered warranty.

Workgroup Class Servers

The Limited Hardware Warranty is included as part of your ProCARE renewal for up to 3 years on all workgroup class servers.  This includes MediaHub, MediaHub Pro, Online 1000, Online 1500, Platform Studio, Platform Portable &  Pro-Cache Servers.


HDDs, SSDs, Switches, LTO Drives, LTO Libraries and other 3rd party items resold are covered by individual manufactures warranties and are not covered under warranty with ProCARE.  These hardware warranties vary based on manufacture and range from 1-5 years.

24/7 Emergency Option

For many of our enterprise clients, 24/7 operation is critical.  We offer ProCARE Plus to provide 24/7 support for mission critical issues.

ProCARE Plus

24/7 Emergency Support

ProCARE Plus is an available upgrade for clients with Enterprise Class servers (16 Bay & 24 Bay) which allows customers that need to go beyond our M-F, 8am to 8pm ET support hours.

ProCARE Plus gives access to our 24/7 call center that will find one of our on staff ProMAX support technicians any time of the day, 365 days a year.*

*ProCARE Plus is limited to full server downtime events where the entire server functionality is affected.  Basic support questions like how do I connect a user/storage or services like installation must be handled during normal ProMAX operating hours.



Have questions not covered here?  Just fill chat us below or fill out the 'Contact Us' form and we'll get back ASAP.

What is covered with ProCARE?

All ProMAX Platform servers include 1 Year ProCARE direct from ProMAX Systems.

ProCARE Includes:

  • Warranty 
  • Access to ProMAX Platform OS upgrades on applicable ProMAX Servers. This includes some feature updates, bug fixes and enhancements to the software created by ProMAX Systems.
  • Phone, Chat & Remote technical support for your ProMAX Products.
  • No cost advanced part replacement for warranty covered parts*
    *Return agreement must be signed and returned, part replacement subject to in-stock availability and cost.
    To get the help you need for Tier 1 or for Tier 2 support issues please contact ProMAX directly at (949) 8612700 or
What is not covered with ProCARE?

ProCARE Does not include:

  • Service - Non-ProMAX hardware or software work
  • Paid Software License Options (Such as LTO Software, Cloud Software, etc.)
  • Windows/SQL Upgrades or updates
  • Training: We are always happy to help ProCARE clients with a quick question, but ProCARE is not unlimited team training.  For customers looking for training please contact ProMAX for your training options or check out our Knowledge Base which includes many video tutorials.
How much does ProCARE Cost?

Your ProCARE renewal cost is based on the model & software options you have.  This is different for every setup.

ProCARE starts at $1,495 per year for a 16 Bay 6 Core with no software upgrades.

As an example, a mid-range, 16 Bay 16 Core server with the Media Management Suite would cost $2,995/year.

Please inquire about specific pricing on your configuration.

How does this work if I am outside of North America?

We have thousands of users in Europe, the Middle East & Asia Pacific that rely on ProMAX Platform every day.

If you need help outside of our hours of M-F, 8am to 8pm ET we have a few suggestions:

We make every effort to respond to tickets created outside of business hours as quickly as possible once we are open.

If you need to have a 100% guarantee for emergencies, we suggest our ProCARE Plus option.

Does this include Hardware Warranty? Hardware warranty is included for up to 7 years from initial purchase on Enterprise Class servers and up to 3 years from initial purchase on Desktop Class servers.
How often do new software releases happen?

We usually have 2 larger releases per year, and 2 smaller releases per year.

The larger releases tend to include updates to support the latest OS's and new features.

The smaller releases tend to focus on bug fixes.

What if my ProCARE is expired?

That's not a problem.  We can get your server back on a ProCARE contract.  However, we offer a discount for customers who stay continuously on ProCARE.

Please keep in mind, for servers purchased after July 1st 2019, the hardware warranty will not be reinstated if ProCARE lapses for more than 90 days.

What is my response time with ProCARE?

For ProCARE Customers, we 100% guarantee a response to a ticket/question within 4 business hours (M-F, 8am to 8pm ET)

For ProCARE Plus Customers, we 100% guarantee a response to a ticket/question within 2 business hours (M-F, 8am to 8pm ET)

That said, if we waited that long to get back to you, we'd be pretty disappointed in ourselves.  We are usually immediately available, however, when we are not, it is rare to wait more than 30 minutes for a response.

What are my support options if I don't have ProCARE?

We push to provide a lot of value for your ProCARE contract.  However, we understand that some clients opt out of ProCARE.  If you don't have ProCARE we offer

  • Our online knowledge base (Free)
  • Per Incident Support ($399/incident)

Please note, per incident must be purchased prior to connecting with our support staff.  That will slow response down.  Per incident covers a single support ticket/issue and does not include software upgrades.

Download our ProCARE Service Level Agreement Download here
I Need Service on Evenings / Weekends

We understand not everything fits in during normal business hours.  Customers with current ProCARE contracts do have the ability to pre-schedule evening & weekend services at the following rates.

  • Pre-scheduled evening/weekend services: $295/hr
  • Evening/Weekend Remote Installation: $1,995
  • Evening/Weekend Onsite Installation: Contact us

Evenings & Weekends are based on anything outside of M-F, 8am to 8pm ET.

These services must be pre-scheduled and are subject to staff availability.

I need Emergency After Hours Support

ProCARE Plus is the only way to get access to our 24/7 365 call center, which will provide the 2-hour SLA for emergency support at no additional charge, beyond the cost of ProCARE Plus.

If it is outside of our normal M-F 8am to 8pm ET support hours and you have a system down emergency, we do offer:

Per-Incident Emergency Ticket
  • Cost is $995 & must be pre-paid via credit card
  • It is subject to both sales & support availability 
If you are in this situation, email, and text (714) 519-6190 and we will make our best efforts to respond in a timely manner.