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We are here to solve your video file management challenges and get your creative team back to creating

Put your creative team's focus back on video projects, not managing files

There's nothing worse than a creative team getting bogged down with video storage nightmares

With ProMAX, your team will be able to focus on what they do best: making incredible videos.


Remote Solutions

2023 MediaHub - Above wLogo
ProMAX SYNC - Remote Video Editing

MediaHub: Origin Story

ProMAX set out on a mission to help the video editing community work remotely amid the pandemic, and thus MediaHub was born. By combining Remote Editing, Remote File Management, and Remote File Syncing in one unified platform, ProMAX gave creative workers the power to access all of their full-resolution files and content without taking up time or storage with larger cloud transfers. This allowed editors to perform high-end tasks from home, just as they would from their office. With all of these capabilities within a single system, ProMAX created an answer for video editors hoping to continue creating amazing work in spite of the increased complexity these unusual circumstances presented.

MediaHub: Enable always-on syncing for remote and on-prem teams

Simplify remote workflows with a single location to manage and store all your assets

  • Share files in real-time just like they were in the same office
  • Overcome obstacles presented by remote teams and workflows
  • Speed and ease when installing and adding members
  • Sync files as soon as you're online
  • Simplify workflows for distributed teams
  • Save money (10x more cost-effective than similar products

*Best for hybrid teams - Starting at $5,170

MediaHub Tech Specs

ProMAX Sync: Connect small workgroups on a shared network

Get best-in-class remote workflow that is reliable, fast, and predictable,

  • Guaranteed sync performance with fast downloads
  • Multi-location versioning protects your data
  • Ability to control all hardware and data
  • Seamless remote collaboration on large projects
  • Protect your network performance by keeping data off your VPN
  • The performance and collaboration you need, even with a connection as low as 20Mbps
  • Vendor agnostic and can connect to existing shared storage

*Best for remote teams - Starts at $300 yearly

ProMAX Sync 14 Day Free Trial
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On-Prem Solutions

ProMAX Studio

ProMAX 16 and 24 Bay Enterprise 

ProMAX 16 Bay Enterprise NVMe U.3 

ProMAX Studio
ProMAX 16 and 24 Bay Servers

ProMAX Studio:

Set up your growing team to scale with compact, professional-grade storage

Store all of your projects in one place for your growing team. No server room needed!

  • Quiet, easy-to-use hardware designed to live in a personal office or studio
  • Built-in cooling capabilities, no external cooling equipment required
  • Connect as a node within any remote workflow and with remote devices
  • Quiet server that does not require separate storage space
  • Fast performance from a workstation to a server with just one cable
  • A plug-and-play implementation that can be installed with remote support

*Best for teams of 2-4 - Starts at $12,500

Studio Tech Specs

ProMAX Enterprise:

Set up to scale with 16 and 24-bay servers with the highest capacity, bandwidth, and speed

Minimize downtime and never run out of space with this server, ranging from 64TB to multiple petabytes.

  • Utilize HDDs, SSD, and now offering NVMe U.3 drive options
  • Highest performance options on the market with up to 100gig connections and the ability to scale 10+ petabytes
  • Protect your data with multiple redundancies built into every server
  • Maximize uptime with this unique hardware that outperforms alternative solutions
  • Up to 7-year hardware warranty
  • Eliminate single-point-of-failure


*Best for teams of 4 or more - Starting at $35,000

16 Bay Tech Specs                24 Bay Tech Specs
16 Bay NVMe Tech Specs
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ProMAX service helps you solve your video storage challenges for good


Install and ImplementationWe'll walk you through every step of an easy installation process, ensuring your team understands how to best use their solution. This pain free installation will prepare your team for your upcoming workflow training sessions.
Workflow TrainingOur Workflow Experts offer four training sessions to ensure your team knows exactly how to get the most out of the platform. Workflow training can be customized to your team's specific workflow.
World Class SupportOur ProCare support delivers laser-focused, dedicated user support without needing a backstory. We have the context and expertise to deliver support whenever it's needed. Our team will continue to be by your side even after your training is over.
Download the ProMAX Workflow Playbook

Get the right files in front of the right people at the right time.

No more missing deadlines or accidentally deleting files. Just your creative team, fully focused on what they do best.

Improve Your Remote Workflows
Improve Your Remote Workflows
Protect Your Data
Protect Your Data
Scale Your Storage
Scale Your Storage

ProMAX delivers one comprehensive solution to your complex workflows and gets your team back to creating.


  • Deploy simple remote workflows that give your team the freedom to create, no matter where they are.

  • Integrate any storage solution: Whether your team needs an eagle-eyed view of everything or just needs to access one project at a time, you can integrate into our system and level up by using our tools 

  • Try our products risk-free to ensure you have the right solution for your teams. Leverage deep industry expertise to identify and implement the right solution

  • We’ll work with your IT and security teams to integrate into your existing environment.


When your team can easily share, organize and sync, they can get back to shooting, editing and producing video.

No more makeshift hard drive solutions

No more version control nightmares

No more "sometimes-it's-there-sometimes-it's-not" workflows


Seamlessly store, share and sync video files with ProMAX.

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