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Remote: On-Premise Storage Hardware & Software for Video Professionals

Professional video production teams need easy access to their media files in order to collaborate on their projects. Unfortunately, that's sometimes easier said than done. 

Video professionals face a number of obstacles that make seamless collaboration a hassle. These can include:

  1. Large media file sizes
  2. Slow internet connection speeds
  3. Long file transfer times

For teams that work locally in a studio, shared storage is an easy way to overcome these obstacles. By storing your media in a centralized server like ProMAX Platform, your entire editing team has access to the files they need when they need them. Instead of passing external drives around as one editor finishes their portion of a project, the entire team can work on their parts of a project without disrupting their peers.

Video Team Challenges

Remote video teams face an even greater challenge. These workgroups have to overcome the same obstacles as local video teams but with the added obstacle of physical distance. To bridge the gap between remote editors the ProMAX MediaHub connects your production team using a peer-to-peer network. MediaHub is a small desktop server that is placed in each member of your editing team's home. As one editor makes changes to a project they are synced to the rest of your team enabling real-time collaboration that is unlike any other remote media file sharing solution available.

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