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Media Management Software
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Hardware + Software for your Creative Team

At ProMAX we design High Performance Shared Storage servers for Creative Teams.  We obsess over making sure you have the ability to meet all of your media management goals with a single piece of fully integrated software.

  • Share Media & Collaborate on Projects
  • Search & Find digital assets regardless of their location and availability 
  • Protect Data
  • Scale for Long Term Sustainability

To tackle these problems, creative teams turn to ProMAX. This is where the different pieces of Media Management flex their muscle.

High Performance Shared Storage 

Having multiple editors is great, you can take on more projects and produce more content for your customers. But as your team grows, your network infrastructure has to grow with it.

If your video team is still storing media on external hard drives that means your editors are are waiting on files from one another which can slow down production time and cause some frustrations. By centralizing that storage into a media management system like ProMAX Platform, editors can work collaboratively on projects, speeding up production.

Simple Media Management 

Once your media is loaded into your storage system your team needs a way to find and protect your projects. Without proper tools in place, managing media management can turn into a major headache quickly. 

ProMAX simplifies these often daunting task by creating a full toolset to handle all of your indexing, tagging, searching, backup & archiving needs.  Then we provide both live and on-demand training to make sure your team is successful in managing media.

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