A Storage Solution That Grows

Shared Storage is at the center of any collaborative video team,  but few workgroups start and end with just Shared Storage.  Products for organizing, protecting & managing media exist because thousands of users worldwide have realized that shared storage alone won't solve their needs.



Other Shared

High Performance Shared Storage Yes Yes
Mac / Windows Yes Yes
Easy to Set Up Yes Yes
Scalable Users / Storage Yes Yes
Typical Starting Cost $10k USD $7k USD
Searchable Database Yes No
Tag & Preview Completed Projects Yes No
Avid & Adobe Collaboration Tools Yes Add On / Limited
Data Protection Beyond RAID Yes Limited
3rd Party Products added to system work together? Of Course! Rarely
Single Support Contract as you grow? Yes No
Growing into Media Management Single Vendor Multi-Vendor


ProMAX provides high performance shared storage that does everything you need today. It grows with you.  With all the features and depth of capability that you need today and tomorrow.   And you won't sacrifice high end performance or the scalability offered by enterprise storage vendors.

Don't get caught in the trap of 'adding one more product.' You'll find yourself 18 months from now with a mess of learning & supporting a variety of different software & hardware solutions from multiple vendors.


ProMAX vs. Editshare


Whether you're a typical workgroup collaborating on projects shot in compressed 4K that will ultimately be viewed online, or color-grading DPX files for a theatrical release, ProMAX has a server that will supercharge your workgroup!

Scale Storage + Scale Your Workflow

Not every team needs to scale in the exact same way.  At ProMAX, scalability is about providing great options for adding users, storage or performance.  But scalability is also about preparing yourself for tomorrow's workflow, not just today's.

Single Vendor Solution

There is no greater technology frustration than when something doesn't work quite right and a vendor says "We've never seen this, it must be the other product".  Good luck coordinating that.

Spend time working rather than corralling vendors to take responsibility.