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ProMAX Systems Customer Success Stories

Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully tackling media management challenges.

Dick's Sporting Goods uses ProMAX to speed up their video workflow

Dick's Sporting Goods Increase Productivity with ProMAX

See how Dick's Sporting Goods went from taking weeks to complete projects to just days using ProMAX.

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GoodBrother uses ProMAX Systems to grow their production agency

GoodBrother Grows with ProMAX

GoodBrother wanted to grow their Brooklyn, NY production agency. See why they trusted ProMAX to support their team.

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Fuller Studio trusts ProMAX to protect their video files.

Fuller Studio Protects their Media with ProMAX

The team at Fuller Studio is tasked with capturing important events for Fuller Theological Seminary. Find out why they use ProMAX to protect their media projects.

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TCM Creative uses ProMAX to Transfer Data Remotely

When the TCM Creative team needed to find a faster way to get data back to their studio they turned to MediaHub. See how they were able to transform their remote workflow!

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Long Distance Relationship

DHD Films needed a way to keep one of their editors on staff when he moved halfway across the country. See how they used ProMAX MediaHub to keep him connected.

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Connecting during COVID

When the editors at the University of Georgia marketing team were forced to work from home due to the outbreak of COVID-19 they needed a way to continue to work. See how MediaHub was able to keep UGA working through the pandemic.

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Smithsonian Channel chooses ProMAX for Archive

Smithsonian Channel Selects ProMAX for their Archive Strategy

The Smithsonian Channel needed somewhere to store the large collection of archival footage they manage. See why the selected ProMAX to protect these treasured assets for the long term.

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International Remote Editing

Innovative Faith Resources has been using ProMAX Platform for the past few years to power their workflow. See how Workflow Training has helped them realize that Platform is much more high-performance than shared storage

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