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Right Solution, Right Client

If you spend any time looking at Video Shared Storage and Media Management solutions, you will quickly find there are two true Single Vendors Solutions: ProMAX & EditShare TM

ProMAX & EditShare™ are the only vendors that can provide a complete solution for Shared Storage, Media Asset Management, Back-Up & Archive without learning on partnerships and 3rd party products. 

ProMAX vs. EditShare




Single Vendor Solution Yes Yes
High Performance Shared Storage Yes Yes
MAM Yes Yes
Back Up & Archive Cloud, Tape & Disk Tape & Disk
Single Software for all functionality Yes No
MAM Software Interfaces 1 6
Total Unique Interfaces 1, seriously, just 1 Around 11
Automated QC No Yes
MAM Focus Tag, Index, Search Tag, Index, Search, Edit Remote (in EditShare© NLE only), Automate, Light Editorial
NLE Software No Yes
Broadcast Ingest/Playout Servers No Yes
Summary Simplicity Depth


There are few video work groups where one product will work great, and others where it will be a bad choice.  It's more of a question of which is a better fit.  So how do you know which is better for your team? Think in terms of project management.

It's a Simplicity vs. Feature conversations.  ProMAX is simple yet powerful.  EditShare* TM has more features.

ProMAX didn't built Platform on the idea of only being a single vendor, but that a single piece of software could manage every aspect of your collaboration & data management.  This is because our customers don't have the time or desire to manage complex workflows.  They want to spend their time being creative, and media management shouldn't get in the way. The sad reality is that they find themselves being technical because they have to, not because they want to.

EditShare™ has built an impressive stable of products to solve everything from Automated QC, to Playout Servers, to 6 products just for MAM (Media Asset Management).  They even have a stand alone piece of software to coordinate Adobe projects in shared environments.  EditShare™ offers a depth of product that ProMAX does not and will not.  If your facility needs that depth & has the change management and technical team to implement it successfully, then EditShare™ will allow you to do more than a ProMAX System.

If you need a Single Vendor Solution that focuses on simplicity, that is where ProMAX shines.

* Information listed about EditShare™ is accurate and the time of publishing and is updated periodically.  If you see information that is incorrect, please let us know and we will update it.
ProMAX vs. Multi-Vendor Solutions

Single Software

Is managing the shared storage server and data just 1 of your many hats?  Want to avoid spending countless hours relearning & retraining on software that isn't producing content?

Managing tons of projects over many Terabytes of data with multiple users is inherently complex.  ProMAX helps you keep it as simple as possible with a single piece of software to learn and to manage everything.

Simplicity over Features

Today and tomorrow ProMAX will continue to focus on maintaining & increasing ease-of-use.  Don't get us wrong, new features are awesome and we are constantly adding new functionality like Cloud Backup & Archive.   But our focus requires us to stay committed to simplicity, a focus that will not change.

User Adoption

Technology is awesome, but we've all got jobs to do.  When you over complicate technology, people just don't use it.

User adoption is everything.  Simple technology is what drives user adoption.