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Our Mission

At ProMAX our goal is to provide best-in-class video workflow products and world class customer service. We aim to build solutions that simply the video production process and address the issues our clients face daily.


Our storage systems are designed to grow with your video team!


More video teams are choosing to use ProMAX every day!


ProMAX Systems Support and Power Video Teams Worldwide

Trusted by Some Amazing Companies

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Simplicity Rules

Our products should make your job easier

Our customers need to accomplish big goals without a ton of effort and training.  We strive to build those tools for creative professionals and to make those tools as easy as possible to use.

We Work Direct

No need for middlemen

Great technology is only the first step.  By working directly with our end-users, we can provide a faster & more knowledgeable response throughout your ProMAX Systems experience.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Value is Key

You have work to do.  So do we.  No 'hide the price games'.  No begging to show you our value before you see the cost.  Just fair & transparent pricing on the exact tools your team needs. We post our pricing so you know what to expect. You can even build your own system before you ever speak to a member of our team.

Zero Pressure

No one likes to be pressured

We are committed to selling the way we like to buy.  We don't hire closers.  We don't pay commissions.  We hire engineers.  We believe the natural result is a better conversation that allows you to make a better decision.

We Take the Risk, Not You

We Stand by our Products

After 25 years in business, we know that once in a while technology doesn't solve the problem the way everyone thought it would, and that's okay.  This is why we offer 90 Days Risk Free on our Platform servers, and 30 Days Risk Free on our MediaHubs.  If you don't love your ProMAX System product, we'll take it back for a full refund.




With over 40 years of experience in private companies, public companies and government agencies, Hartmann has held positions from CEO, COO, VP of Marketing, and CIO in organizations including Jenny Craig International, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and Thermo Electron.

His experienced is rooted in fast paced technology driven organizations focused on serving customers and growth.

As an entrepreneur, in 2007 Hartmann relaunched ProMAX Systems, a world-wide provider of Video Editing Technology for the film and video industry and currently serves as owner and CEO.


Beginning as an audio engineer, Nathaniel connects deeply with creative professionals.

Moving to IT in 2002, Nathaniel has gained 20 years of experience ranging from engineering, to marketing, and now executive management.

As President, Nathaniel drives strategy & general management of ProMAX Systems on a daily basis.


Brian is the head of product development and technical support. He is responsible for designing the products our customers use as well as coordinating our technical support team.

Before ProMAX, Brian worked in film production which has helped him understand the needs of video production teams.

Brian enjoys spending time with his family and learning about the newest technology that is available.


Pat leads our Development team and has been a developer with ProMAX for many years.

His team is responsible for building and testing the Platform software that runs our Platform and MediaHub products.

When he is not busy writing code he enjoys driving around in his Corvette or playing golf. 


Born and raised and still live in California. Been with ProMAX for 4 years. Previously worked for Associated Technologies for 19 years.

Prior to Associated Technologies I worked for Boeing. I’ve been married to my husband for 45 years and we love to play golf together.

We have a large family with 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.


Ross Hartmann is a software engineer at ProMAX Systems.

He's also the author of the storytelling book The Structure of Story.

Ross' hobbies include programming, creative writing, and learning the tools that help make a great story.


I have more than 10 years of comprehensive experience as a programmer. I was able to develop different company websites, tracking systems, project management systems and inventory systems.

I am also experienced in using Scrum as a software development methodology.  Also, I am currently into professional and freelance photography.


15 years in the Software Development Industry in various areas including embedded, web and mobile development.

When not in front of a computer, I love to sit back and watch movies with the kids, do DIY repairs at home or grab my self a hammer and make whatever comes to mind.


Bon Santiago is the Software QA Engineer for ProMAX Systems. He is responsible for the creation and execution of various tests to identify issues with software before the product launch.

As a QA, his goal is to prevent defects and collaborate with the development team to ensure the delivery of high quality product.


I am the lead production engineer at ProMax Systems. If you have a ProMax device there is a good chance I built it!

I also assist our support team and handle most of our client server installations.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

I am the Lead Support Tech here at ProMAX Systems.

I am a commercial photographer and videographer with a background in the automotive industry as well as wedding and special events.

I like to spend my time networking in the automotive industry but also collecting, modifying and racing my cars.


I coordinate tickets with the support techs and assist the production team.

During my free time I enjoy lifting weights, video games, and fighting in a full contact medieval sport.


Joining ProMAX after 20+ years in the music industry, Jody comes back to ProMAX to bring new life to the sales and customer experience part of the company.

While music has been an integral part of his life from birth, helping potential and existing clients find solutions to make their life and work better is a passion.

Jody looks forward to helping you level up!