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Single Vendor Solution 

Single Vendor Solutions, like ProMAX Platform, have undeniable benefits when it comes to ease of use, interoperability, and ease of the support.  It's why they exist.  However, there are benefits in putting together solutions from multiple vendors who focus on a specific aspect of a greater solution.  So the question is always, which is right for you?

Single vs. Multi-Vendor Solutions Comparison



Multi-Vendor Solution

High Performance Shared Storage Yes Yes
Media Management Yes Optional
Backup & Archive Yes Optional
Works with Existing Storage Yes Yes
Buy 1 Piece at a Time Optional Optional
Local Support Through Resellers Through Resellers
100% Interoperability Yes No
Number of Support Contracts 1 2-5
Number of Warranties 1 2-5
Vendor Finger Pointing We Can't Yep
90 Day Risk Free Purchase Yes No
Summary Best for Most Workflows Best for Specific Workflows

Over the years we have seen countless customers move to a single vendor solution, choosing simplicity over features.  The reason is clear: Unless a team has a significant amount of time for implementing, training & supporting a multi-vendor solution, the project goals are often missed.  Customers end up with Shared Storage and a bunch of extra products they don't even use.

The reality is, salespeople try to make things look easy and awesome...and in demo environments, they are.  But when it comes to a supported environment, interoperability is rarely more than a marketing relationship, or a sales rep that has 'seen those products work together before'.

Because ProMAX is a Single Vendor Solution, we are able to offer a 90 Days Risk Free Guarantee.

There are a lot of great options for your team and most ProMAX competitors are very good companies with very good products.  But unless your team has a specific need that only a multi-vendor solution can fulfill, we can assure you that simplicity is the better choice.

ProMAX vs. IT Solutions

Actually Solve Your Needs

Your video team has too much content to work on to spend a bunch of time working tasks that don't have anything to do with their creative skills.  We see this all the time when creatives are forced to become technologists.  If you make technology difficult on the team, no one uses it.

Simple and powerful solutions like the ProMAX Platform drive creative efficiency.  That's the power of ProMAX Platform.

Ease of Support

If you want to figure it out yourself using our Knowledge Base & Video Training, you have the  answers to our frequently asked questions. If you prefer getting online with a live tech, nothing is better than having an expert to call that is 1 desk away from the developers that write the software. 

No vendor finger pointing.  No outsourced developers in another country.  Just fast, knowledgeable support, so you can get back to work.

User Adoption

Technology is awesome, but we've all got a job to do.  When you over complicate technology, people just don't use it.

User adoption is everything.  Simple technology is what drives user adoption.