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Why ProMAX?

ProMAX solves all your storage & media management in 1 simple solution

Media Management can get complex quickly, usually requiring several different products to fully collaborate & manage your media.

  • Shared Storage
  • Media Asset Management
  • Backup & Archive

By themselves, each piece can solve part of the media management puzzle, but together they create a powerful solution that allows professional video teams to work efficiently and increase their productivity.

Unfortunately, many of the media management solutions on the market focus solely on one of these three, leaving video teams to piece together a media management solution on their own. By having to piece together a system from different providers, users are left with having to deal with:

  • Integrating Multiple Solutions
  • Learning Different Software
  • Contacting Multiple Support Teams

ProMAX has taken Media Management a step further and brought all three pieces of media management into a single software solution that can manage your media from ingest to archive.

Use Multiple Applications, or use ProMAX.


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There's all kinds of issues you can run into when trying to integrate different software. What's so great about ProMAX is that it's all integrated together so you don’t have to worry about software or other hardware being compatible

Patrick Duff, Fuller Studio