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Brian ReisdorfFeb 14, 2020 7:00:00 AM1 min read

Shared Cloud Storage Environment To An Individual

As a video team you want your editors to express their creativity and skills into their projects. When it comes to organizing and managing project files, you're going to want everyone to follow a set of guidelines to keep things under control.

What Is Shared Storage?

Shared storage is designed to create a central space to manage and organize your video files but still requires your team to play inside of your rules which can be difficult.

It's just a lot of mindset changes, you know, probably the biggest hurdle for a company that's making a transition from from local storage to shared storage has to face is usually there's a lot of personal ownership of local stuff. You'll have like Mike's drive or Mike's folder or Nathaniel's drive and inevitably when they get one of our systems and I start doing the workflow training, I'll look in there and we'll see platform spaces that will be like Nathaniel and Mike and Matt and Brian and that's just not what you want.

Once you're in a shared storage environment the idea is that that your projects and your storage components are not necessarily universal, but they're not individual the whole purpose is to kind of shake the individuality.