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Brian ReisdorfFeb 13, 2020 7:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Promax Shared Storage: Tool For Professional Video Teams

Every business wants to grow. Technology is made to enable that. For a professional video team being able to manage multiple editors and projects at the same time can make team's hesitant to growth.

There's a pretty singular defining. Well, one of the defining things that really stands out in shared storage servers that makes some of them much better than others its scalability. However, that is if the shared storage server that you're using has a universal interface, where if as you add new expansions and new nodes that they're all kind of brought under the same umbrella that they're all managed to the same the same interface.

Some of the lower end systems which are really cost-effective, once you get into having multiple systems in place, then you have to log into this drive or this drive over here and to make matters worse they generally all look the same. So you're logging into system A or system B and there's multiple shares inside of all of those and it gets confusing pretty fast.