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Brian ReisdorfFeb 12, 2020 7:00:00 AM1 min read

How shared storage allows your team to collaborate

Shared storage is a tool for professional video teams to collaborate on their projects. Professional video requires an entire team to put together a project. A video team can consists of camera operators, graphic artists, colorists and editors who all need to work together to create a stunning video project.

Biggest Ways That The Technology Enables Collaboration

Really one of the biggest ways technology enables collaboration though is when you get not just multiple editors working together, but multiple facets of production working together. You've got ingest that's bringing in and they're putting footage literally right into the project folder. You've got graphic artists who are working and they're dropping new graphics new lower thirds, new bumpers, whatever right in the project folder. Then the editor has everything in one place.

Having a bunch of departments being able to work on the same project through bringing in data through different vectors all landing in the same place for the editors to put all the pieces together at the end.

From a backup perspective it is also super convenient because you can grab that whole project and send that off and you're not running around getting Dave's drive and Mike's drive and Matt’s drive and trying to make sure you've got all the pieces before you throw it on a shelf somewhere.