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Centralized Cloud Backup For Everyone Access

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Feb 11, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Centralized backup is useful for a video team because every file is in a location that everyone can access. It's hard, if not impossible to really properly do backup if you don't have a shared storage environment. Because you just wind up with a lot of different types of storage spread out in different spots. It's just really hard to organize all of that.

I've seen a lot of environments where it's like we've got a bunch of Thunderbolt RAIDs or USB drives. Invariably you end up with a ton of stuff on the shelf, all kind of drives sitting on the shelf and you know backups in those environments. They always kind of wind up of like "yeah, we copied some files over to this other drive and that's kind of what we do."

In that situation it's never complete and it's never really a hundred percent just because there's no like one point where you can where you can manage that from. So once you move to a shared environment that just fundamentally changes.

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