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Nathaniel CooperApr 16, 2021 1:40:20 AM7 min read

Features That Make NextFrame Stand Out Among Other Video Manager Apps

You may have come across several video editing apps on Google and Apple stores. Most of these apps include decent editing features without costing an arm and a leg. However, the major drawback of editing apps is that they don’t usually have a built-in video collection and management software.

If you rely on video marketing for your business or offer video marketing services, you’re already aware of the daily hurdles. From ensuring real-time collaboration, sharing large video files to post-production, there are many complicated steps involved in the process.

But with an app, you can overcome most of these roadblocks. These apps are designed to help businesses optimize and automate their video marketing processes, ensuring increased productivity and efficiency.

Continue reading this blog to learn more about these apps and why they have become an essential part of every video marketer’s daily routine.

Why Do Marketers Rely on Video Apps?

Video apps serve a variety of needs and usually include a centralized dashboard for easy accessibility. Simply put, it makes life a lot easier for video editing teams.

What is a video manager?

It is an all-in-one solution for your video marketing needs. It allows you to record, edit, upload, download, share and collaborate on video files from your device. As technology is evolving, manager apps have taken over desktop-based software, primarily due to the demand for easy accessibility.

You might be wondering why more and more marketers are relying on video content manager apps. Well, there are several reasons behind this rise in the adoption of apps. First of all, modern marketers need efficiency. They are always on the move, and apps offer them unlimited efficiency. Most video production manager apps come with straightforward controls and work seamlessly on smartphones, making them the ultimate weapon in every video marketer’s armory.

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In addition to this, here are some other significant reasons behind apps taking the video marketing world by storm:

  • Ability to record HD videos from the phone: Over the years, many video maker marketing apps have made their way into the mainstream market for Android and iOS devices. Some of these apps can even extend the phone’s camera’s functionality, allowing video marketers to add sophisticated editing and effects and directly upload the final content across platforms.
  • Upload and manage large files: These apps are usually connected to cloud storage. As a result, the phone’s memory isn’t blocked by storing large files. Teams can easily upload the recorded videos to the cloud and manage large files at their fingertips. An optimized video app ensures that marketing teams don’t face problems related to lagging, overheating, or frame drops on your mobile device.
  • Easy to use: These apps are made for your phone and usually include a simple and intuitive user interface, easy editing and sharing options, and many editable templates to help video marketers save time and effort. They have a central dashboard and straightforward navigation menu to make things even more accessible.
  • Cost-efficient: Unlike their PC counterparts, video apps are incredibly cost-efficient. In addition to dozens of free apps readily available on the app marketplaces, tons of feature-laden apps offer the flexibility of choosing between different subscription plans.
  • Centralized management and control: These apps allow teams to set user rights, assign tasks, check on the progress, and communicate with other team members and customers in real-time. Marketing teams get the added benefit of managing and controlling every aspect of the app to ensure brand consistency and increased output.

Why Should I Invest in Video Apps for my Content?

The world is gradually going mobile, and there is no turning back. If you invest in a manager app for your brand’s content, it will help you generate higher returns from your marketing initiatives. With a robust video app, you’ll be able to cut overheads across several fronts. And to top it all, you’ll be able to automate much of the recurring tasks.
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Are you still not convinced?

Let’s help you understand the benefit of video production apps from a business perspective. For instance, you wish to create a video campaign for promoting your brand. The idea is to gather video testimonials from your existing customers, edit them for your online platforms, and publish them.

Although this sounds easy theoretically, there are only two ways to achieve it: (i) outsourcing the project to a marketing agency and (ii) getting it done by your in-house team. Either way, you’ll have to shell out a hefty amount. If you outsource, the agency will provide all equipment and bill you for the same.

And suppose you wish to do it on your own (or with your in-house team). In that case, you’ll need to first invest in the required equipment, connect with your customers and schedule an appointment for recording, then gather the raw files, upload them to a shared location, assign post-production tasks and work on a lot more stuff before you get the final copy. All of this will only incur costs and lengthen the overall time needed to complete the project.

This is where apps come to your rescue. With the right app on your phone, you can easily overcome all of the problems that we’ve mentioned above. You’ll be able to produce more videos in less time and at the lowest costs. The lower your cost of production, the higher the chances of generating increased returns on your investment. Other than this, there isn’t much of a learning curve involved in using manager apps. All in all, video marketing apps are your best bet to save time, money, and effort.

9 Nextframe Features that Other App Doesn’t Have

If you want to start creating video content on your mobile device, take a moment to read about a revolutionary application, NextFrame by ProMAX, which propels your marketing content to the next level.

ProMAX Nextframe app is designed to keep your video marketing needs in mind. With this cloud-based mobile video editing app, you’ll be able to take your content to the next level. It has all the features you need to produce amazing videos without even leaving your room.

It is an all-in-one mobile video app for iOS and Android phones. It even includes a dedicated desktop app that allows you to leverage additional features to streamline your video content workflow - something that no other video management apps offer. The cloud-based app enables you to create engaging and educational content for your customers, ranging from video testimonials to video ads, without the need to spend anything extra on equipment.

Listed below are nine notable features that other apps don’t offer:

  • Nextframe allows you to capture high-resolution footage right from your phone. You can even integrate it with ProMAX Platform to get the most out of cloud storage and collaborative editing workflows that will make video production for your business simple, efficient, and cost-effective. 
  • It includes a desktop version that allows you to assign projects and set deadlines.
  • The app has built-in features for adding topics and questions for your video projects.
  • It allows you to respond to open projects and queries right from the phone.
  • You’ll be able to submit all captured footage directly to the cloud.
  • With Nextframe on your phone, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary costs of buying equipment.
  • The app processes high-resolution videos without taking a toll on your phone’s memory.
  • It works seamlessly with ProMAX’s storage solutions and allows integration with multiple third-party editing tools.
  • To top it all off, Nextframe is a free mobile video editing software. You don’t have to pay a penny to use it.


Successful video marketing campaigns rely on strategy and timely execution. This is only possible when marketing teams have the right tools at their disposal. With the world quickly adapting to mobile technology, a video manager app makes a fitting addition to your marketing toolkit.

If you’re investing in video marketing for your business, take a moment to consider the best way to maximize your returns. Choose the right apps that will make the entire video content creation process effortless and straightforward. It is in your best interest to search for apps that offer an easy-to-use interface designed keeping the best videography practices in mind.

While you’re checking out different apps, we highly recommend that you give Nextframe by Promax a try. It has all the features you need to produce amazing videos without even leaving your room. 

The best part: it is free to use. Join the beta program now and explore the array of features at your disposal. 

And if you’re worried about running out of storage space for your video files, make sure to get in touch with our dedicated team of professionals at ProMax Systems to learn more about our affordable and state-of-the-art fast shared storage video editing workflows.


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