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Your business needs more video 

Take your marketing content to a new level with NextFrame

Capture High-Res mobile phone footage from your team using NextFrame by ProMAX

Grow your business with Video

Your customers want to learn about your product & services from experts and people like themselves, not be convinced by a salesperson. They want engaging and educational content to inform their decisions. 

Video content allows your business to create a closer connection to your audience, but many businesses see video production as a complicated process. 

NextFrame by ProMAX allows you to be the director of your video content without ever having to step foot outside your office. 

Using the desktop app you can assign video projects to your company's experts on the topics your audience cares most about.

NextFrame streamlines the process of collecting testimonials from customers who want to rave about how great your product or service is.

Once a project is assigned, your contributors can record their video on their mobile device in the NextFrame app. Once they're happy with their recording, they submit the video to you to use.

NextFrame is Currently Open to Beta Testers

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