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ProMAX SystemsNov 12, 2021 6:04:20 PM5 min read

Reasons Why You Need Media Asset Management System for Your Creative Team

Regardless of whether you're talking about a business that is working with internal marketing assets or one that is concerned with larger video and audio production efforts, a number of issues are unfortunately commonplace. Oftentimes storage systems are so complicated that finding files when you need them is an uphill battle. Not only that, you typically have to navigate several disparate systems in order to do so. On top of it all, security is often lax - a team member could accidentally change or even delete an asset, impacting everyone else's ability to get work done.

Thankfully, the solution to all of these problems is a simple one. Media asset management software, otherwise known as a MAM system for short, helps enormously in these situations for a wide range of different reasons that this article will now explore.

Understanding Media Asset Management System

A media asset management platform is a solution designed to act as a single place to both store and manage all the video, audio and various multimedia files that an organization is working with. Think of it as a "single source of truth" for your business' creative collateral.

In addition to its organizational purposes, a MAM system is also commonly used to distribute media files to various people - usually for the purposes of productivity and collaboration. Many of these systems offer deep integrations with a lot of the tools that video production teams currently use, too - increasing user adoption and cutting down on the potential learning curve significantly.

More often than not, a media access management platform is used by video production teams thanks to the way they help make the creation of long-form content easier by keeping everything in one place. However, they've proven to be invaluable for a lot of other types of businesses, too.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a MAM System for Your Creative Team

By far, one of the biggest reasons to invest in a MAM system for your creative team comes by way of how these solutions allow you to easily discover useful files. They're built to systematically store and manage files in a way that makes them easy to find when needed and even easier to share. Not only does this improve the ability of team members to collaborate, but it also helps significantly with one's ability to deliver a higher quality finished product as well.

Indeed, a MAM system is a great way to help establish a workflow that dramatically speeds up video production. The faster you can find files, the faster you can work with them - thus extracting as much value as possible from those assets you've worked hard to create. You can also permit various teams to use similar assets, generating an even higher return on investment while also breaking down the data silos that formerly existed across an organization.

Media asset management software brings with it benefits in other areas, too. It makes it easy to regulate content to avoid file duplication, all from one straightforward and easy-to-use interface. You can also supply information such as the creator of a piece of collateral, various usage permissions, copyright information and more - all so that everyone knows exactly what they're dealing with at all times.

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But perhaps the biggest advantage of a MAM system is one of security. From one solution, organizational leaders can offer unified access to everyone on the team based on their preferred asset management strategy and permissions. This makes sure that only someone who may need a certain asset to do their job has access to it - everyone else wouldn't be able to get to it.

Along the same lines you can track usage to see who is working with which assets at what time, look over an accessible file history to generate more visibility into the process and more. All told, it's a perfect way to orchestrate a business workflow that can improve your productivity - something that in and of itself may be the most important goal of all.

How to Get a MAM System That is Perfect for Your Organization

One of the best ways to find a MAM system that is suitable for all organizations involves choosing one that functions in the cloud. While on-premise storage will always be important, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that the ability for team members to work remotely is paramount. People need to be just as productive while working from home as they are in the office - something that can't be true if they don't have access to those critical media assets anytime, anywhere and on virtually any device.

Therefore, you'll want a MAM system that meets this need while still allowing for the flexibility necessary to scale as your business does the same. That, coupled with all of the various features outlined above, will allow you to arrive at a system that allows you to best address your needs as they exist today while still preparing you for the ones you may have down the road, too.

In the End

Overall, a media asset management (MAM) system is an invaluable addition to any organization - both those who are dedicated to video and audio production and those who are simply concerned with their ability to create compelling marketing collateral for their customers. They make it easier than ever to find important files quickly, all while condensing everything into a single, user-friendly system. They also include innovative security features to help make sure that assets are always protected, virtually guaranteeing that nothing stands in between your people and the pivotal work that needs to be done.

To understand more about this, you can always read more blogs on media asset management systems. ProMAX offers professional video production teams easy and convenient tools for seamless collaboration. We also provide media storage using a centralized server like ProMAX Platform for the entire editing team for them to be able to access files whenever needed. If you'd like to find out more information about the major reasons why organizations should invest in media asset management software for their teams, or if you have any additional questions you'd like to go over with someone in a bit more detail, please don't delay - contact ProMAX today.