Hardware Accelerated Collaboration for Video Teams

ProMAX Platform enables professional video production teams to share media files and collaborate on projects. For video teams that need remote access to their projects, MediaHub is the only solution that enables real-time collaboration between editors from anywhere in the world.

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ProMAX Platform Modular
MediaHub Transparent 919 - v2
ProMAX MediaHub
Connect your Remote Editors
Platform 16-Bay Servers
High-Performance Local Shared Storage
ProMAX Platform 24 Bay Server
Platform 24-Bay Servers
High-Performance Local Shared Storage

Real Performance + Features that Matter

950MB/s+ per user

Performance is everything. Platform uses the most cutting edge hardware to ensure that you have the speed you need.

Scale to Petabytes

Today's Terabyte is tomorrow's Petabyte. Scale simply without disruption.

Use 3rd Party Storage

Storage should be an ecosystem, not a server. With built in Thunderbolt 3.0, USB C & SAS + options. ProMAX is the only company that doesn't punish you for wanting to use other hardware with your server.

GPU Enabled

Storage and Processors are the backbone of performance.  GPU adds a whole other dimension.  Platform enables GPU to offload storage tasks and protect your playback performance.

Infrastructure Ready

Most teams grow into Platform and have existing switches & components that need to integrate. Whether a network switch, cabling or storage; Platform easily integrates into your existing hardware.

Integration Friendly

Whether it's security and IT compliance or compatibility with an existing MAM. Platform plays nicely. We challenge you to find a domain, security or integration that we can't work with!

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Time Warner cable uses ProMAX Systems.
AMC Networks powers their media workflow with ProMAX Platform
HBO uses ProMAX Platform to power their workflow.
Ochsner Health care uses ProMAX Platform to power their workflow.
Innovative Faith uses ProMAX Platform

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