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The Importance of Media Asset Management System

by Matthew Mister, on Oct 21, 2019 1:30:28 PM

Media Asset Management can provide many benefits for the teams that use it. So why is it so important to be on top of managing your media assets?

Bringing in a media asset management system can provide several benefits like cost savings, increased production as well as data protection and security.

Increased Production

A MAM system enables faster production speed since creatives are able to quickly find, store and distribute their projects which improves delivery times. Leadership can also use the system to speed up their approval process which leads to more projects being completed.

Security and Data Protection

Part of a media asset management system is user permissions. By having control over who can access your files there is an added layer of security added to your files. Additionally, a MAM system gives you the ability to easily backup and archive your media assets which helps protect them in the event of a drive failure or accidental deletion from the local storage.

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