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Matthew MisterOct 21, 2019 1:09:48 PM< 1 min read

A Guide to Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management is the process of organizing, storing and retrieving media, and managing digital assets and user permissions.

A Media Asset Management system provides the infrastructure to manage your assets while still allowing end users to search, locate and retrieve media assets. Every file on the system has metadata attached to it which allows for quick search and retrieval functionality.

Most media management systems include a software interface and a storage system which work together for end users to be able to perform their media management functions.

Typically a media asset management systems used by a person or team who needs to optimize their workflow for digital assets. These can be used in multiple use cases such as marketing teams, graphic designers or video production teams. While they may have different jobs, each one of these use cases requires access to a large database of media assets, so adding a media asset management system into the workflow make perfect sense for these teams.