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Matthew MisterOct 21, 2019 12:49:59 PM< 1 min read

How does Digital Asset Management work?

A digital asset management system is built to store, share and organize digital files in a central location. It allows your team to quickly and efficiently work on projects and share content.

Many organizations have an abundance of digital files. By using a digital asset management system, you can organize these files and give your internal employees or customers access to the projects and files they need without having to manually send them each time they need to work on them.

Digital Asset Management systems work over a network connection. Multiple users can be connected to the system and based on their user permissions they can search and access files that are stored on the system. From there, the user has the ability to work on the file and make changes to the local copy on the system that other users will see the next time they access the file. 

Using a digital asset management system also gives teams the ability to archive and backup files to open up storage space or protect their data in the event of a drive failure or system crash.