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Digital Asset Management | Shared Storage Solutions for Video Teams
Matthew MisterJun 6, 2022 1:08:39 PM7 min read

How Digital Asset Management is Helping Businesses Worldwide


Shared storage to keep the digital assets safe and remotely accessible is not enough— and many digital content creators have now believed that content management, data organization, and security are some fundamental needs of the industry.

Quality content creation is the most powerful tool in the digital industry and can be a differentiator between you and the competitor content marketer. It will help you get through the competition, resonate with your customers, and strengthen your grip in the digital market. From photography to video creation, every organization is now considering the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to store and organize content securely.

For example, you're running a video creation business, and want to organize digital assets because the video workflow gets affected whenever you try to expand it. Worry not! the Digital Asset Management system will help you grow your business by providing all the back-end support you need to cater to the workload. Do you ever wonder what Digital Asset Management is in actuality and how it helps businesses worldwide? Let's get started!


What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a software system that can help your business store, organize, manage, and keep the data safe and secure— it is called Digital Asset Management (DAM). The DAM software solutions will help you organize the assets and offer a constructed pathway towards growth by valuing the customer's assets and maximizing productivity. Moreover, the organization's ability to automate the workflow sets the expiration dates for the content/assets, giving varying access to users for files, folders, and projects— all that needs the digital asset management solution.

Additionally, many users might think of it as a simple storage solution, but it's more than that! Digital asset management solution caters to your business from organizing the assets and keeping them secure to accessing them whenever you want remotely! Furthermore, the communication is never lost or buried inside the emails with the central storage system and in-project comments.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management platform— as mentioned earlier— is not only about the storage solution but offering more than that, such as brand's growth guidelines, project workflow management, organized media library and more. Here are some of the benefits of DAM solutions and how they help you grow your digital business:

·      One-System Organization

Imagine having digital assets such as files, folders, or projects divided into multiple storage systems— you'll lose these assets. Creating more files each day requires an appropriate and secure one-system storage; otherwise, there are high chances that the assets will be misplaced. Therefore, with the rising and never-ending need for content creation/content distribution, you'll need centralized digital asset management solutions to align the branded content.

·      Workflow Management

The content creator, editor, collaborator, and everyone in the chain of enterprise content operations will not have to be contacted separately! The digital asset management solutions will help you streamline the workflow— not only for creating and storing the data/assets— but for collecting feedback, sharing proofs, and getting approvals. Everything will be placed in one system. Additionally, the media management systems also bring additional features to reduce the time spent on individual tasks such as approval from the client, revising content, brand review, and more— an all-in-one content management system!

·      Self-Serving Environment

Incorporating the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions into your business transforms it into a self-service environment and creates the Hybrid Workflows. The hybrid workflow offers flexibility and independence to the media creation team to work efficiently. It also gives leverage to the production team to work remotely. The brand-approved content can also be uploaded so that the internal and external collaborators can have all they need! Thus, digital asset management is an all-in-one solution to consolidate redundant tools.


Who Uses Digital Asset Management? (Internal Vs. External Users)

Digital Asset Management has no limitations or boundaries as it's every organization's need. In any digital content creation organization, both the internal as well external members utilize the DAM system for efficient performance:

Internal Members

  • Sales and Marketing Team: Sales and Marketing team is responsible for creating sales pitches, presentations, and advertisements and streamlining the entire campaign. Thus, the digital asset management system will help them utilize the project information and branded collateral to market the product or services.
  • IT Team: IT professionals can also utilize the digital asset management system (DAM) to organize the metadata and configurations of API.
  • Creative Team: The creatives of any organization can get the maximum benefit from the digital asset management solution (DAM). For example, if you're running a video production setup, there are chances the storage will run out soon, or the digital content is so messed up upon increasing the workload. Thus, the DAM solution will streamline the assets and make them available for the creator, editor, quality assurance team, and collaborators in a single place. The in-project comments will help everyone look at the progress.

External Users

  • Clients and Collaborators: Whether you belong to video production, graphics designing, photography, or any other niche— client satisfaction is the ultimate growth! Thus, the digital asset management system allows you to share the digital assets with the clients and collaborators for feedback, revision, and approval.
  • Partners and Contract Teams: Growing in the digital content creation industry would require you to collaborate with industry giants and other partners to expand. Thus, the organization can share digital assistance with partners, collaborators, and contractors to sell their products and services via DAM solutions.

Digital Asset Management Softwares – What can they do for your business?

Digital Assent Management software will help any organization store, organize and utilize the digital assets efficiently. It'll not only help in scaling the organization but improves operational efficiency. The digital asset management system can help a business grow in different dimensions— here's how it improves any business:

·      DAM offers Scalability:

The business increases with sales and client satisfaction, but great responsibility comes. The increasing sales and growing business would need more resources such as shared storage, managing software, and a large creative team. Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution will provide a one-stop solution for the creatives or social media / digital media content creators to build more digital assets and scale their business without toggling between different platforms.

·      DAM offers Content Organization

With scalability comes the needs of content organization! Many shared storage solutions provide the ability to add metadata, tags, version details, and more information to your digital assets to track them efficiently in the future. Moreover, automated backup options and collaboration with 3rd party storage providers to offer your organization a smooth workflow is the responsibility of the digital asset management system!

·      DAM eases Remote Collaboration

Any editors or collaborators in the organization will need to be contacted on a daily basis! The Digital Asset Management system offers flexibility to the team head and workers down the hierarchy to communicate and respond quickly. For example, the files can be shared quickly, and deadlines can be met in time.

·      DAM extends storage

Digital Asset Management [DAM Solutions] offers you an extendable storage solution— utilizing high-performance NAS as the central storage server. All your team members or collaborators can communicate via connecting to the centralized storage server to access files and projects.


Digital Asset Management Use Cases – Some Practical Uses

DAM Solutions are a unique way to improve the customer experience or user experience in any business— by managing and organizing the digital media assets of that business. Thus, DAM serves as a single source of truth! Here're some practical uses of DAM solutions:

·      Digital Asset Management Maintains Brand Consistency

Brand consistency, especially in products and services, builds and improves the customer's trust over time! 87% of buyers prefer brands with consistency in their services. The DAM solutions are integrated into the organization's set up to improve the consistency and brand's reputation.

·      Digital Management System degrades Piracy

The DAM solution makes sure that your digital assets remain safe in the organization! A higher number of content files and projects for which the customers are paying your organization thousands of dollars need to be secured— and there is where digital asset management helps you!


Recommended Solution – Contact ProMax for Right Digital Asset Management!

Finding the right Digital Asset Management system or solution can be hectic— keeping in mind your needs and choices! Therefore, if you're into the digital marketing business—especially video creation or production— we recommend using the ProMax to further your business's growth!

ProMax offers flexibility to your creative team to perform efficiently from anywhere! The cloud-based storage with ProMax Cloud will solve the storage issues and improve the workflow. In the video production industry, relying on a single system is not enough for the creative team, and a shared storage system cannot offer much. ProMax offers more than a shared storage— from high-performance NAS storage to MediaHub systems.

Whether you already have the EditShare, Facilis, or NAS storage, ProMax also has the MediaHub system that supports hybrid workflows via connecting to 3rd party storage.

If you've any queries regarding the digital asset management system or want one for your business, feel free to contact the ProMax team, and our representative will guide you through the process.