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Make your marketing fun with video

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Feb 18, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Sometimes your marketing content can get boring. You spend hours doing keyword research then sitting down to write a blog isn't every marketer's favorite thing to do. As marketing evolves, marketer's need to create more engaging and relevant content faster than ever.

Video marketing has evolved the way marketer's tell their brand's story and talk about their products. What's so cool to me about video and when you start doing it and lock it into it is the creativity it cultivates.

It's opened up so much creativity within our own organization like just sitting here and talking to you about this stuff is actually just really fun. This is so much more fun to me than sitting in front of a blank screen and being like, okay. I've got a type out a blog… what should I talk about? Just mulling over words, like no like I just want to have a fun conversation with Matt.

This will create content that we that we pull from and it also gets me, you know, listening to you and then processing things out loud lets me think of things in a different way and like it makes this whole process really just fun.

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