Barriers to Remote Video Production

by Matthew Mister, on Apr 23, 2020 4:00:00 AM


We're all a bit confused right now. We're not really sure when things are going to return to 'normal' and at the same time we are still trying to adjust to our new reality. Video professionals are having to make some major adjustments to work remotely and every option available presents its own unique set of challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is the uncertainty of when things will end. If everybody knew that everybody just had to work from home from here on out. I think everybody would be a lot more open to different workflows and different ways of attacking the challenge of remote video production.

Because of this uncertainty, a lot of people are just kind of defaulting to the last thing that worked for them which was throwing files on a hard drive and plugging it in at home. They know it works and no one's entirely sure if spending the time and spending the money to like figure out an entirely new way of working is worth it yet.

Nobody's quite sure just how far to commit to this. This uncertainty bubbles up some of the frustrations of connecting to a server, that's designed to be a high-performance local server, from a remote location.

These obstacles can be frustrating but luckily video professionals have a pretty realistic expectation as far as performance goes and we all know a small project can be 500 gigs.

There's a lot of great information available for video professionals to use. Unfortunately, most of that content tells you the options you have but like nobody's kind of saying, "By the way, all of these options kind of suck!" and they kind of do.

Everybody we've talked to knows that and  people want to get back to normal because, at least in this world. There's going to be a pretty big delta between you the the ideal workflow we've all created over the last 10-15 years versus how you have to do remote production unless you're truly a remote distributed cloud-based environment.

There's a lot of messy parts to that that I think a lot of people are frustrated that it's not as smooth as it should be even though we all understand why.

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