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Matthew MisterApr 21, 2020 3:48:52 PM1 min read

Switching your Video Team to Remote Video Production

Video production teams have been unexpectedly thrust into a need for remote work. This sudden change has provided some new realities for video professionals who are used to working from an office. 

We've been helping our customers adjust to remote work through a number of different remote workflow options. Based off the conversations we've had so far, here is how video editors are adjusting to working on projects remotely.

Most people have tried a bunch of the stuff  like VPN and proxy workflows. Other teams are copying files to a drive and take it home with them.  Now they're hoping this pandemic ends before they have to start another project. Many of them are worried / cognizant / annoyed by the fact that they're going to have to figure out how to kind of reconcile all of that data once they're back at their studios.

On the support side, we get a lot of questions of users trying to access their server remotely. We also get asked how people can access their server without a VPN. With other vendors oversimplifying the basics of networking, there's a lot of assumptions that the server's out in the wild for everyone to access. But realistically it's very enclosed in their network and there's a lot more setup that's involved.