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video editor working from home office
Matthew MisterApr 24, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

The Ideal Remote Video Production Workflow


Switching your video production team to a remote workforce is a tall task. Video professionals face a unique set of challenges to enable remote editing. These challenges can expose some bottlenecks in your workflow. If your local workflow doesn't work remotely, than you don't have a true workflow. 

The ideal workflow has a few big things that need to be checked off.

  1. Access
  2. Performance
  3. Organization

One thing that everybody's concerned about first and foremost is access. Your users have to have access to the right data more so than performance. If you can get access to a file you can slug your way through crap performance to do work if you have to. However, if you can't access the file, you can't work, so data accessibility is a big one

Performance is a pretty close second because you've got to be able to work with your media.

Another big one is some kind of organizational aspect, the data uniformity where you don't have five copies of the same stuff everywhere.

You could satisfy those first two by saying everybody gets their own 5TB hard drive with all the data they need. However, you're going to end up with five different versions of everything at that point and reconciling that is going to be a disaster. For example if you reconcile your data every two months,  that's 2 months of random stuff. That is going to be horrible.

Your data doesn't have to be centralized but consistent complete backups, and the ability to go out and get the right data that becomes a lot easier if everything i s in a centralized location.

There's some other secondary things in there like data redundancy and stuff for up-time things that just make your workflow all the better. But the big ones, accessibility, performance, uniformity and back up and having some kind of backup plan involved in that. If you can check those boxes in your workflow, you're in pretty good shape.