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You're used to editing video projects on a high-performance network. VPN, PCOIP and proxy workflows allow you to access your local storage. But they can't overcome the bandwidth and file size restraints that interrupt the flow of your production team. With ProMAX MediaHub, your home office transforms into your edit bay. Allowing collaboration even when your team is miles apart.

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Always on Multi-Location Sync

Using a ProMAX MediaHub you can connect your remote production team whether you have 1 remote user or +20. Using a peer-to-peer network your team is always connected even if you're not at your workstation.

Using the local SSD storage in the MediaHub, synced storage spaces will feel and act exactly as if everyone is at the studio working off of a shared project.

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Simple Hardware

MediaHub starts at just $995 with everything you need for high-performance video production. This desktop sized server comes in 0TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB storage options, users can edit and collaborate at home just like at the office.

Platform users can seamlessly integrate their remote users to their existing storage.

Using another shared storage vendor? No problem! The ProMAX MediaHub is vendor agnostic and can connect to the existing shared storage you already have.

Tech Specs

MediaHub front view with measurements

Accelerated File Transfer

VPNs are slow.  Painfully slow.

ProMAX Remote Server software uses the local MediaHub storage for creative work. As you work, it pushes data changes, allowing for file transfer optimization that you can't get with a VPN.

Accelerated File Transfer
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Want more Storage and Performance?

MediaHub Pro can easily accommodate multiple 10G connections and over 100TB.  So if you actually need to be able to collaborate on R3D 8k files or sync facilities you absolutely can.

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