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Connect your creative team remotely with MediaHub

The only product built for remote collaboration for creative teams 

Collaboration is critical to a creative team's success. For remote team's to succeed there are some obstacles that need to be overcome for a seamless workflow and solutions like Dropbox, VPN and PCoIP just won't cut it. With ProMAX MediaHub your creative team can share files and collaborate in real-time just like they were in the same office.

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How does MediaHub fit in your production environment?

MediaHub with ProMAX Platform

MediaHub with no shared storage

 MediaHub with other shared storage

Always on Multi-Location Sync

With ProMAX MediaHub you can connect your remote creative team whether you have 1 remote user or +20. Using a peer-to-peer network your team is always connected even if you're not at your workstation.

Using the local SSD storage in the MediaHub, synced storage spaces will feel and act exactly as if everyone is at the studio working off of a shared project.

Tech Specs

Multi-Location Sync-1

Simple Hardware

MediaHub starts at just $995 with everything you need for high-performance video production. This desktop sized server comes in 0TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB storage options, users can edit and collaborate at home just like at the office.

Platform users can seamlessly integrate their remote users to their existing storage.

Using another shared storage vendor? No problem! The ProMAX MediaHub is vendor agnostic and can connect to the existing shared storage you already have.


MediaHub front view with measurements

Speed over any internet connection

MediaHub allows you to enjoy the performance and collaboration you need, even with connections as low as 20mpbs.

Our users enjoy remote collaboration working on projects averaging 500GB over connections averaging 200mbps down & 20mbps up.

Businessman flying super fast with data numbers left behind concept v2
Conceptual image of micro circuit v2

Secure.  Encrypted.

Every MediaHub has a unique ID key, this is used to join to a cluster, private to your team.  Once devices are paired, 100% of data sent is encrypted using AES-128 bit TLS 1.3.

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