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Why lining up your video production technology matters!

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Apr 2, 2020 4:00:00 AM

Whether your building out an entire office with editing bays or a home office for yourself, having the right technology is critical to success. For video professionals that includes having cameras, workstations, editing software and access to video storage to complete their projects.

Your budget and the type of work you are doing will influence the tools you need to do your work. If you're wondering how you should configure your setup, here is what we recommend.

I always think it's true to kind of line up all of your technology so it makes sense together. It's like getting dressed in the morning. Like I'm in a button-down shirt and some nice jeans. I'm not going to wear a super fancy tuxedo and dress shoes with this… it would look ridiculous.

It's really honestly no different with technology like if you're shooting on your iPhone 11 you don't need the new Mac Pro Tower you just don't. That said… don't get really excited and go spend $40,000 on a nice Arri setup or a nice R3D set up and then expect to edit that on MacBook Pro that's not going to work well either…

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