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Reasons Why Camera Matters On Video Recording

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Apr 1, 2020 4:00:00 AM

No video project can get started without a camera. Picking one is like an artist choosing which brush to use. Choosing a camera that will help you create what you've envisioned is critical! So how should you go about picking the camera for your video?

Mostly Used High-Resolution Cameras for Video Creation

Start with what you're trying to shoot and kind of go from there. If you're creating something for social media or a video on your website, don't discount, high-end phones these days. These devices have some high-resolution cameras in them and can even shoot in 4K. For our videos at ProMAX we mostly use:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 11
  • 1 Plus Pro

Those things are amazing for certain videos. Like if you're in a well-lit spot and you're doing talking head type stuff. I mean shoot we've got a R3D Camera here at ProMAX and half of the time for our blog content we're using our phones right. Because it's arguably better in some ways than our older R3D Camera for that specific purpose.

If you're aiming for a more cinematic look, then absolutely go for a R3D camera or one of the Blackmagic or Arri cameras. These are going to create amazing video quality that will give you that desired effect.

If action shots are more your thing, then GoPros are perfect for you. The newer GoPros have really good stabilization built-in, which is awesome and put out some very amazing video.

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