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Brian ReisdorfApr 3, 2020 4:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Which workstation should you do motion graphics on?

Composing and editing motion graphics requires a high-powered workstation. To meet your performance requirements, a high-performance GPU is critical to completing your tasks. So which workstations are capable of handling motion graphics?

There's the obvious ones. You've got the high-end Dell workstations and high-end HP workstations. There are the Z800 type series some of the more finely tuned Z600 type series. There's a stigma to it, but you can do a lot of damage in Motion Graphics with what would be considered a high-end gaming machine. They all share the same principles.

You want graphics performance and whether that's rendering a game or a commercial project there's frankly not a huge difference between the two. It's a gross generalization. But ultimately, if you had to, you could go grab a $2,000 machine from Best Buy or something like that and probably fair relatively well in the Motion Graphics world, you know until you really got complex.