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Taylor HodgettsJan 23, 2020 9:35:52 AM< 1 min read

Camera Codecs Matter To Storage Server

When prospective customers come to us looking for a shared storage solution for their professional video team, one of our first questions is: Which codecs are you shooting in?

Why do we ask that question?

The number one reason there is related to your bit rate and more specifically data rate per stream.

If you got four editors and they are each working on two to three streams of ProRes 422 you're going to need a 10 gig connection at that point or something like that if you're working in 4k.

But if you're working in 1080P, you can probably get by on one gig without much issue and making sure that your network pipeline, the actual disc performance of the server itself and the network connection on your workstation all line up to ensure that you get a clean stream of data for your editing application.

That's the goal of that question really is to just ensure that we're providing what you need.