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Brian ReisdorfJan 24, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

Why LTO is incompatible with the current generation

There's some there's some interesting things that are not obvious when you're dealing with LTO. Like LTO for lack of a better way to put it LTO is entirely incompatible with like the current generation of people using it. Like it is the opposite of instant gratification like we are in a complete world of like M2 SSDs and superfast you know like our OS boots up before we even like turn back to the computer after we push the power button, right?

With LTO the thing I always tell people at the beginning like in our workflow trainings, like if you've never used LTO before for just be prepared because it's going to take a little bit longer than you're willing to wait to do whatever it's doing right now. You just have to be patient because it's not you know SSDs we can pull data from all across the whole drive instantaneously, you know with an LTO tape. There's there's a little over half a mile of tape inside of that that has to spool into your drive and get read and then uncompressed and then put yeah, it takes time like and no one is no one is really willing or no one is expecting it to take them the sheer amount of time that it really does take.