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adobe premiere pro on a monitor.
Taylor HodgettsMar 24, 2020 4:00:00 AM< 1 min read

What separates a video editing workstation from other computers?


If you produce video content, you'll need a computer that can handle the process of video editing. You'll need a machine that can process graphics,  color correction and audio manipulation which require some horsepower.

Before purchasing a video editing workstation, make sure you know the performance requirements you'll need so you can get the best configuration for your needs.

You might be wondering what the difference between a video editing workstation and other computers actually are. The main difference is going to be the number of PCI slots available on the motherboard, the quality of the GPU, the quality of the processor and the amount of RAM.

Your clock speed, the core counts of those processors and general performance scalability of your starting Parts, which is going to be your CPU your RAM your motherboard and your graphics card. And from there, it's however much you want to put in it.