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Matthew MisterAug 30, 2019 10:02:03 AM2 min read

What is the best graphics card for video editing?

When it comes to making sure you have enough performance for video editing, making sure you have the right graphics card is critical.

Why does a graphics card matter?

In your computer there is a GPU and a CPU. Your CPU is going to handle the bulk of the processing in your video editing computer. When you start editing video on the workstation you are going to need extra processing power to handle all of the data contained in your video files.  A GPU contains many more processors than a CPU giving you the extra processing power to handle those files.

What should you look for in a Graphics Card for video editing?

If you are looking to build a video editing computer there are several key factors to look for in a graphics card. Here is a list of what to look for:

  1. Compatibility: Whether you are building from scratch or updating an existing computer you need to know whether it uses integrated graphics or has a dedicated graphics card. You can do this by identifying where the port connecting the CPU to the monitor is placed. You also need to check the motherboard and see what expansion slots are on it. Make sure the graphics card is the right size to fit in your computer. You also need to make sure it can connect to the power supply
  2. RAM: You will want a lot of RAM because video eats up a ton of it! You should have at minimum 4GB of RAM but more is preferred and will get the job done faster.
  3. Image Quality: If you will be doing a lot of video editing you want a card that can render clear images and has a high processing speed. The better the image resolution the easier your job will be.
  4. Power Supply Requirements: There is typically a minimum power requirement for a graphics card. Just make sure that your power supply can support that. 
  5. Outputs and Multi-Monitor Support: This is where you consider what you will be connecting to. Do you want to connect to a PC or TV? If so HDMI is the way to go. Looking to connect multiple monitors? DisplayPort is your best option

Which Graphics card is the Best?

There are many different graphics card options available. Here are the top 7:

  1. EVGA GT 730
  2. ZOTAC GT 1030
  3. Inno3D GT 730
  4. AMD Radeon HD 8490
  5. MSI GTX 1060 3G OCV1
  6. VisionTek HD 6350
  7. MSI GeForce GT 730