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Jody SappingtonJul 29, 2022 11:12:36 AM1 min read

What is Google's Equivalent to Dropbox?

Let's face it, most of us have a google account for something. Whether it's a Gmail account, Youtube account or you are all in with the Google suite, you log into the googlesphere in some way. Since you are already there, don't you want to just stay there for your cloud storage and sharing needs? You have to believe that Google has a Dropbox alternative and its pretty impressive.

Google has become the all-encompassing beast that can solve all of your problems in one place, or at least that is its goal it seems. For people that are already using 1 or more of Google's suite of services, it makes sense to just stay there and store and share your files from there also. The thing that Google does better than Dropbox is the ability to actually create new files (word docs, spreadsheets, etc) and edit them from a browser. No more paying for Microsoft Office, it's all in the cloud!

With Google Drive, you are able to upload (or create) files, edit them, and share them all from 1 webpage. This gives Google-connected companies a lot of flexibility and efficiency. While there are a lot of great Dropbox alternatives that we talk about in TOP 10 Dropbox Alternatives, going full Google is a very attractive option for a lot of users.