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Jody SappingtonJul 29, 2022 11:28:02 AM1 min read

Is OneDrive or Dropbox Better?

Is your company all-in with Microsoft, but you aren't sure where to store and share your larger files? Are you using Dropbox, but your IT team is telling you that you have to fall in line and use OneDrive to share internal company files? Let's dig into the pros and cons of using OneDrive versus Dropbox.

If you are currently using Dropbox and have a Microsoft account, you may be paying more than you should for cloud storage. OneDrive is Microsoft's integrated cloud storage provider that also gives you the ability to have local storage syncs. If you are without internet and all of your data is in the cloud, you are out of luck. While Dropbox does have local sync options, OneDrive is a great solution for not only cloud storage but also local storage that is saved to multiple places.

When we looked TOP 10 Dropbox Alternatives we found that OneDrive checks a lot of boxes for users that are already in the Microsoft ecosystem. More than likely, your company is paying for your Microsoft license and that makes expanding your storage very simple for you, the user.

There are some options for free use of OneDrive that gives you 5GB of storage, but we don't see as much benefit if you aren't using the full office suite.