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What is Better to Use Than Dropbox?

by Jody Sappington, on Jul 29, 2022 10:59:01 AM

For as long as I have been working professionally, I have been using Dropbox. I use it for files, I use it to send rough music mixes and I use it to share videos with my family. It checks a lot of boxes when you are looking at a cloud-based file storage and sharing utility. With that said, is there something better out there?

There are so many options these days for cloud file sharing and we looked at the TOP 10 Dropbox Alternatives. These options all have their pros and cons so we looked at the question of What is better to use than Dropbox in a couple of ways.

1. Best Overall Alternative - We like Ice Drive, Sync, and pCloud

2. Cheaper Alternative - Mega and Ice Drive headline a list of options with a better value than Dropbox

3. Best for integrations with existing services - Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive are hard to beat in this space.

There are always ways that a service can improve and your needs should determine which option you choose. Check these out if you are looking for an upgrade.

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