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Jody SappingtonJul 29, 2022 10:41:29 AM< 1 min read

Is There a Free Equivalent to Dropbox?

We are all looking for different ways to save, share, and edit our various types of files. For a while now, Dropbox has become the name for cloud storage and file sharing. Have you ever said, "I'll just Dropbox that to you"? That said, they aren't the only names on the market so we looked around for some free equivalents to Dropbox.

We are in a world with many options for cloud storage. So today, I wanted to answer the question; Is there a free equivalent to Dropbox? The short answer is, OF COURSE!!!

You can find our deep dive into the TOP 10 Dropbox Alternatives, but we wanted to look at some other names out there. Here are some new names that have come around in recent years that give us more options for our cloud services.

 5 Free Dropbox Alternatives:

1. Internxt

2. Sync

3. Ice Drive

4. Mega

5. pCloud

There are so many ways to save and share your files and these are some great options.