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What are the current trends for video testimonials?

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Mar 19, 2020 4:00:00 AM


Video has become more important in sales for businesses of all types. This type of content can be engaging and answer questions for people without having to interact with a salesperson.

As more video starts to emerge here are some trends we have noticed.

One of the most obvious trends is just the need for more video, more of everything. There is a need for both big Hollywood production type video as well as more more down and dirty social media.

There will be a more even mix of low production value video content. Customer testimonials tends to fall somewhere in the middle. They do need to look good and it's very helpful to have people that really know what they're doing,  how to ask questions and how to edit that all together.

Ultimately, the trend that I've seen is just more of everything when it comes to video content.

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