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Brian ReisdorfMar 20, 2020 4:00:00 AM2 min read

How do you set up for video testimonials?

Creating video testimonials is critical for your business. They allow you to share the unique experiences of your customers and how your product solved their problems. 

So why aren't businesses creating more of them?

One of the biggest barriers to creating these types of video is that videos can be difficult to create without the right tools and expertise. Many businesses feel that they lack the resources required to create this type of content.

Here's how Brian Reisdorf, our VP of technology sets up his office to look like he is on an actual professional set.

"I'm an old-school camera guy, right? I used to be behind the camera a lot. So the idea of being a remote presence from a laptop webcam just literally sickened me like I can't handle that!

Little known fact around ProMAX. Nobody uses the webcams on their laptops because we bought them all actual desktop web cams that are significantly better, which is a step up and probably the bare minimum of what you'd want to do video production with. Laptop webcams are okay for like the impromptu video chat, but for like an actual video like really probably should be the last resort.

But for my setup in particular, I actually have a DSLR as my webcam with a slightly long lens and it's not a fancy DSLR. In this particular case, it's a Sony A5100 and it's got a really basic cheap, long lens on it.  I don't even know what it is offhand.

Anyways, it's set up on the far end of my room. This room is actually a little bit longer than a normal room. And then this is just an Ikea Cube kind of shelf that I did as a background and it just gives me some layers. Like one of the big things when you're setting up a creative shot with anything is you want to layer the shot, right? So those are my layers.

I've got myself and in a weird way. This is kind of stupid. But this little monitor that's out in front of me is actually like the first layer and it serves a purpose like it's it actually sets some depth.

For the webcam feed, the trick here is I'm using a little device from a company called Elgato that converts an HDMI signal into a webcam and I believe it's called a Camlink and they've got a 4K one now. Mine's only at 1080. Oh darn, but you know, it's plugged into the camera. I'm just getting an HDMI feet out of the Camera through that into the USB of my system and it just shows up and works in every everything that I'm in."