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Matthew MisterFeb 24, 2020 7:00:00 AM1 min read

Video Marketing: Messaging vs Production Value

Video is a great way to get your marketing messages out to the world. Video can be used on practically every social channel and is prevalent on websites across the internet. However there is a common mistake that many companies make when they try to use video for their marketing efforts.

One thing a lot of companies try to do with videos is that they think every single video needs to look like it was made on a Hollywood studio. If you're looking to create a television commercial than that is understandable, but for the majority of content on the internet today, that level of production value is overkill. Many companies will spend a lot of money to make a video look really good. But then you watch it and when you're done you're still not entirely sure what they do.

That video that they threw together may have cost a few thousand dollars depending on how much production they put into it. In reality, most video marketing content can be made with either the smartphone in your pocket or a high-end webcam or DSLR.

For a marketing video, the message is more important than the production quality of the video. If your audience doesn't understand what you do, they'll never actually purchase your product or service, they'll just remember that one commercial you spent a lot of money on.