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The problem with archival storage for video

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Jan 22, 2020 4:00:00 AM

Well this is one of the problems with archival storage. It's like, archives have to be perfect because now you're getting to the point where an archive is often the only copy when you're working in a project you should hopefully have some backup copies available.

So it's almost like you can be a little bit more lackadaisical if you know, there's backups, but when you're archiving Data Integrity is huge. And with that means I know a lot of customers both Promax and other systems.

I've worked with have been frustrated with LTO because LTO tends to like flag things pretty pretty conservatively and you know throw up errors and say whoa whoa, whoa, but it's because this is like the last version of that file. This is the last like before it's archived.

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