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Brian ReisdorfJan 21, 2020 4:00:00 AM< 1 min read

The difference between LTO generations

In general, you know the ones that we still see out in the wild you see LTO 6, you see LTO 7, LTO 8 . We used to see more LTO 5 but that's pretty much dropping off the radar pretty consistently at this point.

The big difference obviously is just the the write speed and the amount of data that you can store on a single tape. It's nearly doubled in a lot of cases in some cases. It's more than doubled and we went from two and a half terabytes or two terabytes bites too little over six terabytes from LTO 6 to LTO 7. Then from LTO 7 to LTO 8 we went up to about 10-11 terabytes on a single tape.

Now, there's LTO compression that's involved in that and everything. That's a whole different conversation.