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ProMAX Pro Video Resources / Data Mirroring

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Apr 28, 2022 8:09:11 AM

Video production teams deal with large amounts of data. This requires a proper storage solution in order to make the files accessible to the video editors who need them as …

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Topics:SANNASData Mirroring

by Matthew Mister, on Aug 26, 2019 10:20:24 AM

So we all have heard the story of King Midas, everything he touched turned to gold. Unfortunately I don't share that ability with him because apparently everything I touch turns …

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Topics:Data Mirroringdata lossFile System Corruptionvideo performance

by Matthew Mister, on Mar 4, 2019 3:34:43 PM

It’s never fun to lose something, especially when that something is central to your business. Imagine being on set for several long days capturing footage, you come back to start …

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Topics:workflowData MirroringData copyingdata lossmedia managementprofessional videoFile System Corruption

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