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Sandpaper vs MAM

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Sep 4, 2019 1:33:49 PM


So this weekend I was working on a home project. When we pulled up the extremely thick carpet in our house the gaps between the doors were about an inch wide! 

I finally got around to finishing up extending the doors. It's not the most difficult project but it requires a number of steps to do it right.

One of the steps includes attaching a piece of wood to the bottom of the door. When you're attaching the wood it's always important to make sure it is a little bit wider than the rest of the door so you can sand it down and make it flush. If you try to make the wood perfect before attaching it, you'll never end up with it flush.

This is one of those projects where you're just going along (in my case I'm sanding)and it feels like it takes forever and you're making no progress. Then all of a sudden after some time you have a breakthrough! All of a sudden the project becomes fun because you are seeing the results of your work!

How many projects are like this? You need to do so much work and really believe in it before you start to see results. But, when you do start seeing those results it's pretty awesome and they just keep coming!

I see this all the time with media management, it's not easy to go from having a bunch of footage all over the place on different drives, locations, backups, etc. to being able to search, find and place everything in the right spots and it feels like a bunch of work that isn't working at first.

If you're trying to get past that hump, I encourage you to keep sanding! It takes time! I encourage you to speak to other people and see how they are doing it and let them encourage you!

Keep at it! Because once you suddenly have that breakthrough where you can find a project from a few years ago in a couple seconds and restore it to get back up and running, you'll realize you have a much more efficient business and you're seeing the results.

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