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Nathaniel CooperAug 14, 2019 9:57:00 AM1 min read

Quinoa Based Storage


It happened, I got duped. it's happened to all of us! I was at the store and grabbed some tortillas that looked like they might be a bit healthier because they were labeled that they were made with chia & quinoa.

I get home and I look at the label and the last ingredients are chia & quinoa, after nitrite acid and baking soda. So these tortillas would be more appropriately labeled "baking soda tortillas."

This happens all the time though! We fall for these marketing and advertising, but the truth of the matter is that they are just tortillas.

That said, where do you see this in your industry?

In our industry I see this with performance claims. I will tell you there are a lot of great companies out there but one of the areas we see people get tripped up in is performance specs. Check out this blog about Max vs. Sustained performance. What you really need to be careful of is that the specs you are being guaranteed is sustained performance and not max burst speeds. 

You can check out both Maximum & Sustained performance specs on our tech specs pages.

Watch out for those marketers out there!


Nathaniel Cooper

As Chief Operating Officer of ProMAX Systems, Nathaniel Cooper, runs ProMAX Systems day to day operations. Cooper has been working with Storage, Backup and Media Management for video and creative professionals since 2001. Cooper has lead the design and deployment of some of the largest media systems in the world including a range of customers from NFL, MLB & NBA teams, US Military operations, and many of the worlds largest PR agencies and consumer brands. Cooper has spent the last 9 years as part of the ProMAX team and specializes in translating complex technical issues and options into easily understandable concepts.