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Nathaniel Cooper Aug 16, 2019 9:25:00 AM 1 min read

A fish ate my backup!


I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, so when I moved to Southern California about 15 years ago one of the first things I did was get certified in Scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving has a rule called the Buddy System, a pretty simple rule saying that you never dive alone. This is a basic backup strategy, as long as you have a buddy you have a backup air supply in case yours runs out early or someone to help you if something goes wrong.

I have this conversation a lot and the question I always get asked is:

"What do I really need to do for backup?"

You can get really crazy with this stuff but when you get too crazy, it's not good, you end up wasting your time.

The real minimum for data is having everything on a RAID and at least one backup of all of your data and then you're safe. You can backup in a bunch of ways:

  • Disk to Disk
  • LTO
  • Cloud

There's a lot of other things to consider after that but consider this your baseline buddy system.

Just like in scuba diving you want to be with your buddy but that's not all you should be thinking about. But if there's one big rule to be thinking about RAID protection and at least one backup.


Nathaniel Cooper

As Chief Operating Officer of ProMAX Systems, Nathaniel Cooper, runs ProMAX Systems day to day operations. Cooper has been working with Storage, Backup and Media Management for video and creative professionals since 2001. Cooper has lead the design and deployment of some of the largest media systems in the world including a range of customers from NFL, MLB & NBA teams, US Military operations, and many of the worlds largest PR agencies and consumer brands. Cooper has spent the last 9 years as part of the ProMAX team and specializes in translating complex technical issues and options into easily understandable concepts.