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Matthew MisterJun 30, 2022 3:06:30 PM1 min read

Overcoming the Data Cap: How to Send Large Attachments

Have you ever gotten an error message when trying to send someone a large file? If so, you know the frustration that causes first hand. 

What is the best way to send a very large attachment? Compressing your file, using cloud storage, or transfer software are going to be your best options. Reducing the size of your file increases the likelihood that you’ll be within the data limits that were initially holding you back. Cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive give you a bit more flexibility and storage space so you can send larger files. 

Compressing your files is a simple option. You can compress files in a zip folder or by using compression software. However, because email data caps are rather small you may still not meet the requirements after compression. If you store your files on a cloud service you can then share the link to that file without having to worry about email service caps. These services also have varying tiers that allow you to scale your storage and increase the number of files you can share.

When you are deciding how to send people your large files, consider how often you’ll be doing it and the size of the attachment. This will help guide you to choosing the best method for your purposes.